How to submit Ad Listing


Visit TradeHub Website.


Step 1: Locate Submit ad button, you will be redirected to Login page. If you already have an account, then enter your username and password to login otherwise click on Register account


Supply all the required form field and click on Signup


Step 2: Go to your supplied e-mail and look for email sent by TradeHub Market, then click on the verification/activation link then you will be taken back on the website to start submitting listing.

CLick on Submit Ad once again then you will be redirected to your Account dashboard to start posting ads.

You will see Submit Ad in your dashboard, you will also see packages, orders, etc

By default, a new user is entitled to 1 ad listing under standard package, then take advantage of the free ad and go ahead to post your first ad.

Follow the steps one by one until completion and then your ad will start showing on the homepage or website frontend.

To be able to continue to post more ad listing, you will have to purchase a package plan for this limitless opportunity to open for you.

The steps is fast and simple,

We dont delay approval as our approval on a;ll listing is automatic, as you are submitting your ad, it will start showing on TradeHub Frontend.



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